Top 5 Fire Evacuation Tips

Make sure that you are prepared to evacuate in case of fire. Below are out top 5 tips on how to evacuate quickly and safely.

There is plenty of information across the internet for you to read regarding fire safety, but we have compiled a simple, easy to read list of things to do when evacuating a building. Make sure that everybody who works or lives in the building knows what to do in an emergency and that the information is displayed obviously around the building for guidance.

1. Proceed to the designated fire exits when hearing the fire alarm, only using stairs and never elevators. If you discover the fire make sure you sound the alarm and call 999 as you continue to exit the building.

2. As you leave the building close all windows and doors behind you as this will prevent the fire from spreading quickly. When opening a closed door, feel its temperature by placing the back of your hand against it. The back of your hand is the most sensitive area and you will be able to feel if there is a fire behind the door. Do not open a door with fire behind it, the flames will enter the room you are in extremely quickly as it will have more oxygen in. Warn others you see and help them exit as long as this does not posse an immediate threat to you.

3. If there is a large amount of smoke, stay close to the ground. Smoke rises meaning the air is cleaner close to the floor. By placing a wet cloth over your mouth you can restrict your intake of smoke as it will act as a filter. Remember in all situations stay calm and act fast.

4. Once out, proceed to the designated assembly point which should be at least 20m away from the building. Take a register or a head count to make sure no one is missing. If you do have a missing person under no circumstances should you re-enter a burning building, wait for help to arrive.

5. Evacuation is always necessary. If a fire is close to your building, still evacuate as fire can spread very quickly if it is not controlled. Once evacuated stay out of the building in the designated safe zone until the fire brigade have given you the all clear to re-enter.

It is important that you display fire safety notices around the building so all employees, residents and guests can learn how to evacuate safely. If you are a company operating out of building it is a requirement for you to run fire alarm test as well as evacuation drills. This is to ensure the safety of your employees.

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