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Steel Security Doors London

If you have been thinking about having a security door installed on your property, but don’t want the door to look industrial, then these are the doors for you. The steel core system of the door is seamlessly masked by wooden panelling of your choice, from 25mm solid oak to 6mm flat moulded ply. We also offer custom made panels to match any
existing location.

The high SECURITY door, EURO model, is provided with a smooth turning european cylinder locking system, armoured with a steel plate. The cylinder is shielded by a defender protection manganese steel system. The lock comes with a key, which is a small and very easy to handle. You can have multiple cylinders with only 1 master key. the door is provided with temporary keys while installation is taking place, these temporary keys will be replaced by 4 new ones once the installation is complete.

Quality warranty is assured by fulfilling these requirements:

    • UNE – ENV – 1628 Static Load – This Test
      is about putting pressure on the locking
      points and on the spaces between locking
    • UNE – ENV – 1629 Dinamic Load – Test done
    • by applying dynamic pressure and force on
    • UNE – ENV – 1630 Intrusion Test – This
      intrusion test was carried out by using
      intrusion force with a set of tools during a
      certain amount of time, defined by the
      pretended security level, trying to find a
      security breach.
    • UNE – EN ISO 140 – 3 Acoustic Isolation
      and Noise Reduction Measurement


Security Door Locking System

Safety Features:

  • Multi point locking steel security door
  • Two part steel frame
  • Europrofile cylinder integral multi point locking system
  • Eight 20mm steel bolts, on lock side (one key operation)
  • Adjustable hinges and hinge side deadbolts
  • Automatic mobile sill with adjustment, prevents air, light and dust penetration
  • Steel safety catch
  • Spyhole



Security Doors London

The high Security door is suited for new and refurbished apartments sector where both fire and anti-burglar performances are required. With double steel sheet on the outside also with vertical reinforcements, making a unitary construction with high-density rock-wool insulating inner layer and intumescent seal on the frame, enabling this security door to resist fire, to have acoustic and thermal insulations and to be burglar proof according to the European norms. The frame is made with 1,5mm thick steel plate.

Ballistic Security Doors

Ballistic Security Door

The Ballistic High Security doors are available in two models MAGNUM and NATO. Inside the core is a bullet proof panel made of para-aramid military grade fibre like KevlarTM. This panel together with the reinforced structure, make a ballistic armour perfect for situations where there is a threat of a fire arm. for example: banks, currency exchange bureaus, pawn shops, jewellery shops, panic and panic rooms. The door has a normal appearance with covert ballistic protection.

Tested and certified EN1522 level FB4 (NIJ 111-A) and FSG. This level includes all main handguns and shotgun: 9mm Clock 19 .357, Desert Eagle .44, Smith & Wesson 12 gauge Beretta.

Tested and certidied EN1522 level FB6 (NIJ 111). This level includes the calibers, 7.62mm e 5.56mm for assault rifles: AK47, Kalashnikov AR15/M16/M80.

Kevlar Panel

Kevlar ballistic panel

Ultra-resistant fibre, used by Police and Milirary on their bullet proof vests. Made of multiple layers of kevlar type fibre and has a mechanical resistance five times superior to steel.

Reinforced structure

In addition to the ballistic layer, the structure of the door has been further reinforced and the number of locking points has been increased to withstand these type of attacks.